Marketing & PR

Developing a Marketing Plan begins onsite with every manager, every employee and every customer.  We think it is very important to collect all input, good and bad, from all of the people that affect the business.  Including everyone in the development of the marketing strategies will help grow the business and increase brand awareness.  Determining who you are, what you do and why you are unique will help you separate yourself from the our very competitive business.  

Today, social media is an absolute must in any business.  Creating a cutting edge website that showcases your facility and included tools to increase your database is so important.  Many of us now prefer booking a tee time on the internet instead of calling directly to the golf shop.  RGM makes certain to figure out what the best path is for each facility.  We can assure you that our marketing team will make every effort to be sure that your facility is set above the rest.

Many of our marketing management decisions are classified into five categories:

  • Product
    • Your #1 product is your golf course and you can be rest assured we will take very good care of it!
  • Price
    • Pricing in the golf business can be tricky.  RGM has pricing strategies to make sure your dollars are protected.
  • Place
    • Market channels, logistics and service procedures at your facility are all part of the marketing plan.
  • Promotion
    • Social media, communications, advertising, selling and public relations
  • People
    • Customer Service, First Impression, Appearance, Attitude....and always working with a SMILE!!