Operating Plans

RGM will assist with annual operating plans that include the following:

  • Everyone on our management team and at the course will be involved with building the operating plans.
    • The results will help carry out the strategic plan for the golf course.
    • This effort builds pride and loyalty within our team as well as developing a full understanding of the operation.
  • The operating plans will include procedures that will be simple and easy for everyone to follow. The key initiatives include a clear organizational chain, employee training and development, standard procedures, customer service and overall quality control.
  • We will set goals based on the key initiatives at each facility and for each department.
  • We will have annual planning sessions with the on-site team to review the key initiatives and see if there are changes that need to be made to the operating plan. We will review the strengths and weaknesses in all areas. It is critical to develop the operating plan annually on site with the team at the golf course.
  • Buying in to these initiatives can only be achieved through ongoing communication with the team. Communication is the single most important factor for development and success when following an operating plan. A strong operating plan developed with a strong team ensures that a golf course has everything they will need to tackle all of the priorities successfully and achieve all of the goals.